NT Softball Champions


Looking to form a dynasty?
Here's a look at past years champions.  For each year listed, the first name is the team who won the overall league championship.  Listed next is the team that won the regular season division (in some cases there were 2 division champions)  Names in parentheses are the team captains.

Men's Monday Night

2013  TBD , Amici's (Tim Rafferty)
2012  TBD , Amici's (Tim Rafferty)
2011  Fairways Bombers (Justen Akins), BallBusters (Tim Rafferty)
2010  Fairways Bombers (Justen Akins), Partners (Jim Mullins)
2009  Partners Pirates (Eric Panzica), Partners Pirates (Eric Panzica)
2008  DGL (Kevin Townsend), DGL (Kevin Townsend)
2007  Pizza Junction (Eric Panczica), Sawyer Creek (Dave O'Neil)
2006  Sawyer Creek (Dave O'Neil), Pizza Junction (Eric Panzica)
2005  Sawyer Creek (Dave O'Neil), Sawyer Creek (Dave O'Neil)
2004  Ceasar's Spartans (Mike Hromowyk), Ceasar's Spartans (Mike Hromowyk)

Men's Tuesday Night

2013  Judi's Lounge (Frank Jones), Witter's Frozen Ropes (Doug Stone)/Fairway's Jokers (Jon Zemrac)
2012  Judi's Lounge (Frank Jones), Judi's Lounge (Frank Jones)
2011  Fairways Jokers (Jon Zemrac), Fairways Jokers (Jon Zemrac)
2010  Judi's Lounge (Frank Jones), Frozen Ropes (Doug Stone)/Judi's Lounge (Frank Jones)
2009  Judi's Lounge (Frank Jones), Frozen Ropes (Doug Stone)
2008  AT&T Uniglobe (Kevin Garcia), Judi's Lounge (Frank Jones)
2007  Dwyers Fighting Irish (Andy Pappas), Dwyers Fighting Irish, Klimeks Travelers
2006  Deez Nuttz (Doug Stone), Betty's Jokers (Jon Zemrac)
2005  Klimeks Travelers (John Hils), Betty's Jokers (Jon Zemrac)
2004  Betty' Jokers (Jon Zemrac), Klimeks Travelers (John Hils)

Men's Thursday Night

2013  Village Inn Lakers (Paul Kirchmeyer), Dwyers 3 (Chris Murphy)
2012  Murphy's (Chris Murphy), Murphy's (Chris Murphy)
2011  Witters (Pete/Jon Witt), Witters (Pete/Jon Witt)
2010  Witters (Pete/Jon Witt), Witters (Pete/Jon Witt)
2009  Klimeks Punks (Paul Klimek), Village Inn (Dave Fronczak)
2008  Renaissance Club (Chris Brochey), Klimeks Punks (Paul Klimek)
2007  Klimeks Punks (Paul Klimek), Klimeks Punks (Paul Klimek)
2006  Klimeks Punks (Paul Klimek), Klimeks Punks (Paul Klimek)
2005  Klimeks Punks (Paul Klimek), Klimeks Punks (Paul Klimek)
2004  Klimeks Punks (Paul Klimek), Klimeks Punks (Paul Klimek)

Men's Friday Night

2013  Fairways (Nick Bova), Hideaway O'fers (Brian Roggow)
2012  TBD, Fairways Irish (Tim Graves)
2011  Village Inn (Paul Stratiff), Klimeks JT's (Justin Rich)
2010  Village Inn (Paul Stratiff), Klimeks 2nd Ed. (Mark Wurl)
2009  Fairways Bombers (Nick Bova), Village Inn Idiots (Paul Wojtaszek)
2008  Allstate (Dan DiVirgilio), Dwyers Otters (Travis Gebhardt)
2007  Dwyers Big Dingers (Dave Rechin), Dwyers Big Dingers (Dave Rechin)
2006  HideAway Grill (Brian Roggow), Klimeks 2nd Ed. (Mark Wurl), Dwyers (Dave Young)
2005  HideAway Grill (Brian Roggow), Klimeks 2nd Ed. (Mark Wurl)
2004  Klimeks 2nd Ed (Mark Wurl), JP Dwyers (Dave Young), Partners Pirates (Mike Zeilner)

Women's Monday Night

2013  TBD, Ale Gale's (Kathy Wurl)
2012  TBD, Partners Knee Sox (Kim Giesing)/The Idiots (Michelle Bernas)
2011  Master Batters (Jody Tassone), Partners White Sox (Kim Giesing)
2010  Partners White Sox (Kim Giesing), Partners White Sox (Kim Giesing)
2009  The Idiots (Michelle Bernas), Galassi's (Gail Galassi)
2008  Galassi's (Gail Galassi), The Idiots (Michelle Bernas)
2007  Klimeks Castaways (Lori O'Rourke), Klimek Castaways (Lori O'Rourke)
2006  Klimeks Castaways (Lori O'Rourke), Klimeks Bandits (Christine Brochey), K. Castaways
2005  Klimeks Castaways (Lori O'Rourke), Village Idiots (Michelle Bernas)
2004  Klimeks Bandits (Christine Brochey), Klimeks (Noelle Failing)

Women's Tuesday Night
2013  Grill @ The Dome (Betsy Murrett), Grill @ The Dome (Betsy Murrett)
2012  Grill @ The Dome (Betsy Murrett), Grill @ The Dome (Betsy Murrett)
2011  Grill @ The Dome (Betsy Murrett), Grill @ The Dome (Betsy Murrett)
2010  Sawyer Creek (Steve/Jill Cuccia), Guinness Girls (Pam Gardner)
2009  Partners White Sox (Dee Schnell), Guinness Girls (Pam Gardner)
2008  Partners White Sox (Dee Schnell), P. White Sox & Dwyers Just One More (Tracy Grant)
2007  Guinness Girls (Pam Gardner), Guinness Girls, Partners White Sox (Dee Schnell)
2006  Dwyers (Colleen Reed), Galassi's (Gail Galassi)
2005  Partners White Sox (Dee Schnell), Galassi's (Gail Galassi)
2004  Partners White Sox (Dee Schnell), Dwyers Irish Pub (Tracy Grant)

Women's Thursday Night

2013  Sawyer Creek Hotel (Steve/Jill Cuccia), Sawyer Creek Hotel (Steve/Jill Cuccia)
2012  Sawyer Creek Hotel (Steve/Jill Cuccia), Sawyer Creek Hotel (Steve/Jill Cuccia)/The Fairways (Jilynn Werth)
2011  Sawyer Creek Hotel (Steve/Jill Cuccia), The Fairways (Tracy Blake-Wodjeski)
2010  Village Inn (Tracy Blake-Wodjeski), Dom Polski (Deb Goldpenny) / Village Inn (Tracy Blake-Wodjeski)
2009  Sawyer Creek Hotel (Steve/Jill Cuccia), Village Inn (Tracy Blake)
2008  Comtec (Tracy Blake), Comtec (Tracy Blake)
2007  Sawyer Creek (Jill Cuccia), Sawyer Creek (Jill Cuccia)
2006  Comtec Ritts Chicks (Tracy Blake), By Design (Miriam Moldenhauer-Majewski)
2005  By Design (Miriam Moldenhauer-Majewski), By Design
2004  Dom Polski (Felicia Roggow), Soos Slammers (Jill Cuccia)